About Us

We are a clothing brand, founded in Australia, with a vision of reforming the fashion industry. As per the already-established norms, fashion is a thing that belongs to the elite classes and not the masses. We, here at Zirachy, aspire to change the face of the women fashion industry by making fashion a part of every women’s lifestyle. We live by the motto that fashion belongs to every women, regardless of their size, shape, or stature.


We believe that with our unique cuts and stitches, we can challenge the current status quo of the industry, which downsizes fashion to uncomfort and impracticality. We want people to believe and understand that fashionable clothing and comfort can go hand in hand. One doesn’t have to choose between the two all the time. Elegant, yet super handy. Sophisticated, yet budgeted. Feminine, yet bold and confident. Well, who said you can’t have it all. At Zirachy, you can have it all!


With us, ‘Practical Fashion’ is going to be the new buzz of town. Well designed, chic, and edge cutting attires at a reasonable price would be available for all. We aim to provide a luxury shopping experience to you.


Our brand’s aim isn’t just restricted to designing and selling clothes for women, it also extends to empowering women with our designs. Our designs prove that fashion too can come easy, while it complements a woman’s lifestyle. And, having said that, we can also assure you that our practical designing is nowhere close to boredom.

We are currently in the pre launch stage and our products will be available for pre order on kickstarter from April the 26th. Dismiss

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